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Arts Administration
Elective Courses


At least 9 graduate-level credit hours suggested but not limited to:

AADM: Arts Administration
Y412 Opera Management
Y500 Topics Course
Y505 Programming the Performing Arts
Y522 IT Applications for the Arts
Y559 Public Policy and the Arts
Y564 Economics and Administration of Artistic Organizations
Y680/Y690 Readings in Arts Administration/Independent Study

SPEA: School of Public and Environmental Affairs
V521 The Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector
V522 Human Resource Management in Nonprofit
V523 Civil Society and Public Policy
V541 Cost Benefit Analysis
V547 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
V550 NGO Management in Comparative Perspective
V557 Proposal Development and Grant Administration
V561 Public Human Resources Management
V562 Public Program Evaluation
V569 Managing Interpersonal Relations
V570 Labor Relations
V602 Strategic Management for Government and Not for Profits
V611 Design of Information Systems

BUS: Kelley School of Business
F509 Financial Analysis for Corporate Decisions (1.5)
L508 Legal Issues, Human Resource Management
M512 Marketing Strategy (1.5)
M544 Managing Advertising and Sales Promotion
M550 Customer Oriented Strategies (1.5)
W504 New Venture Business Planning (1.5)
W505 Power Persuasion Influence Negotiation Strategy (1.5)
W520 Turnaround Management (1.5)
W550 Management Consulting
Z518 Labor/Employee Relations

EDUC: Education
Z511 Non-Studio Approaches to Art Education
Z550 Community Arts Programming

JOUR: Journalism
J531 Public Relations for Nonprofits
J542 Arts, Media, and Society
J552 Reporting the Arts
J563 Computerized Publications

ANTH: Anthropology
A403/503 Introduction to Museum Studies
A405 Museum Methods
A408 Museum Practicum

FINA: Fine Arts
A442 Twentieth-Century Art 1900-1924
A449 Twentieth-Century Art 1925-Present
R590 Seminar in the Visual Arts

THTR: Theatre and Drama
T573 Studies in Modern and Contemporary Theatre
T428/700 Production and Event Management

MUS: Jacobs School of Music
M525 Survey of Operatic Literature
M527 Symphonic Literature
M561 History & Literature of Opera I
M562 History & Literature of Opera II
M563 History & Literature of Opera III
M564 History & Literature of Opera IV
M653 Baroque Music

ILS: Department of Information and Library Science
Z540 Foundations of Information Architecture
Z546 User-Centered Database Design
Z548 Computer Programming for Information Management
Z561 The Information Industry
Z566 Digital Libraries
Z571 Information Architecture for the Web

CMCL: Communication and Culture
C560 Motion Picture Production
C592 Media Genres
C596 National Cinemas

TEL: Telecommunications
T521 Telecommunications Management
T522 Managing the Creative Process
T570 Art Entertainment & Information
T571 Applied Cognitive and Emotional Psychology
T580 Interactive Storytelling & Computer Games
T601 Topical Seminar (Spring 2007, Synthetic Worlds)
T642 Communication Campaigns

Electives chosen must be graduate-level courses or the equivalent. Upper level undergraduate courses may count toward graduation only if the student has prior approval and written documentation from the professor of the course verifying that additional, graduate-level work will be required. Documentation is approved by the University Graduate School.

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