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McKinney School of Law 

Departmental URL: http://indylaw.indiana.educ

Departmental E-mail: lawadmit [at] iupui [dot] edu

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Degree Offered
Joint Master of Arts (Philosophy) and Doctor of Jurisprudence (McKinney School of Law)

Program Requirements

This joint degrees program, in which 12 hours of course work are creditable toward both degrees (provided the degrees are received simultaneously), affords the opportunity to earn both a Doctor of Jurisprudence (with an optional concentration in health law) and a Master of Arts in Philosophy (with a concentration in bioethics) while completing a total of only 108 credit hours. Program requirements include:

1. 90 hours credited in the McKinney School of Law, including all its required course work, and

2. 30 hours credited in the Department of Philosophy, including all of its required course work, and

3. a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.3 on all work done in the McKinney School of Law and at least 3.0 on all work done in the Department of Philosophy.

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