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Gender Studies



Karma Lochrie*

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)

Martha C. Kraft Professor of Humanities

Fedwa Malti-Douglas*

Director of Graduate Studies

Stephanie Sanders*

Founding Professor

M. Jeanne Peterson* (Emerita, History)


Judith A. Allen* (History), Alexander M. Doty* (Communication and Cul­ture), Fedwa Malti-Douglas* (Comparative Literature; Adjunct, Law), Stephanie A. Sanders* (The Kinsey Institute), Suzanna D. Walters*

Associate Professors

Lessie Jo Frazier* (Adjunct, History), Sara Friedman* (Anthropology), LaMonda Horton-Stallings (African-American and African Diaspora Studies), Brenda R. Weber* (Adjunct, American Studies, Cultural Studies, English)

Assistant Professors

Marlon Bailey* (African American and African Diaspora Stud­ies), Colin R. Johnson* (Adjunct, American Studies, History, Human Biology)

Senior Lecturer

Jennifer E. Maher

Affiliated Graduate Faculty


Maria Bucur-Deckard* (History), Mary Favret* (English), Wendy Gamber* (History), Susan Gubar* (English), Ellen D. Ketterson* (Biology), Karma Lochrie* (English), Alyce Miller* (English), Brian Powell* (Sociology), Jean C. Robinson* (Political Science), Richard R. Wilk*(Anthropology), Virginia Vitzthum*(Anthropology), Susan Hoffman Williams* (School of Law), William L. Yarber* (Applied Health Science, Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention)

Associate Professors

Purnima Bose* (English), Claudia L. Breger* (Germanic Studies), Lynn Duggan (Labor Studies), Jennifer Fleissner* (English), Mary L. Gary*(Communication and Culture), Terrell Scott Herring*(English),  Patricia C. Ingham* (English), Stephanie C. Kane* (Criminal Justice), Marissa J. Moorman*(History), Sarah Phillips* (Anthropology), Colleen Ryan-Scheutz* (French and Italian), Susan Seizer* (Communication and Cul­ture), Margaret “Peg” Sutton* (Education), Shane Vogel*(English), Deborah Widiss (Law)

Assistant Professors

Penelope Anderson (English), Beth Buggenhagen (Anthropology), Amrita Myers* (History), Julia Roos (History), Micol Seigel (African-American and African Diaspora Studies), Beate Sissenich (Political Science), Kirsten Sword (History)

Academic Advisor

Stephanie Sanders*, Memorial Hall East M130, (812) 855-0101

Academic Bulletins

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