Special Opportunities

Traveling Scholar Program

Committee on Institutional Cooperation Traveling Scholar Program

This program enables Indiana University doctoral-level students to take advantage of special resources available at other CIC institutions1 that do not exist at Indiana University. Students in the program register and pay fees at Indiana University but attend one or more of the participating institutions, each for no more than two semesters or three quarters. To view a list of all participating campuses, as well as eligibility requirements, program details, and online application information, please visit the Web site www.cic.net/Home/Projects/SharedCourses/TScholar/Introduction.aspx. For further information regarding Indiana University, contact Jody Smith, the University Graduate School, Kirkwood Hall 114 (812-855-4010; www.indiana.edu/~grdschl/).

1 The member institutions of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) are the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Cham­paign, Indiana University, the University of Iowa, the Univer­sity of Michigan, Michigan State University, the University of Minnesota, Northwestern University, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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