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Victorian Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

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Professor Andrew H. Miller

Graduate Faculty
Area Certificate in Victorian Studies

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes associate membership in University Graduate School faculty.)

Distinguished Professor
Susan Gubar (English)

Patrick Brantlinger (English), Sarah Burns, (History of Art), Donald Gray (English, Emeritus), M. Jeanne Peterson (History, Emeritus), Stephen Watt (English)

Associate Professors
Joss Marsh (English), Andrew Miller (English), Lee Sterrenburg* (English), Dror Wahrman (History)

Assistant Professor
Ivan Krielkamp (English)

Academic Advisor
Professor Andrew H. Miller, Ballantine Hall 429, (812) 855-2529, or contact Victorian Studies (812) 855-9533

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Area Certificate in Victorian Studies

The Victorian Studies Program concentrates upon Great Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria, extending its attention in certain fields back into the last decades of the eighteenth century, up to the outbreak of World War I, and out into America, Continental Europe and other areas in the nineteenth century. The program is open to all graduate students. Courses within the program are chosen from a range of offerings in the following departments or programs: African studies, comparative literature, cultural studies, economics, English, fine arts, folklore, gender studies, geography, history, history and philosophy of science, philosophy, and Victorian studies.

Course Requirements
16 credit hours in courses approved for the Victorian Studies Program, at least 4 of which must be in the Victorian Studies Program proper and 4 outside both the student's department and the Victorian Studies Program. Consult the chairperson of the program for courses outside of Victorian studies that are acceptable for the certificate.

Satisfactory performance in the departmental qualifying examinations required.

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V611 Victorian Britain: Culture and Society, 1820-1900 (4 cr.) An examination of the civilization of Victorian Britain from a variety of perspectives, emphasizing problems of movement from a traditional to a modern society, industrial and democratic revolutions, and the rise and decline of Britain as a world power.

V701 Studies in Victorian Britain (4 cr.) Interdepartmental investigation of topics related to Victorian Britain; their illumination of the whole period in method or substance.

V711 Social Science and Social Philosophy in the Victorian Age (4 cr.) First part of course includes lectures on major philosophical and theoretical ideas underlying the approach of the Victorian period to economic and social questions; second part is based on research papers prepared by students on selected topics in their fields.

V805 Readings in Victorian Britain (1-6 cr.)

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