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Arts Administration


Charles F. Bonser

Departmental E-mail

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Degree Offered
Master of Arts

Designed to train men and women to manage and promote arts centers, arts commissions and councils, and performing and visual arts organizations of all kinds. They must function not only as leaders but also as managers, fundraisers, planners, educators, conciliators, facilitators, communicators.

Special Program Requirements
Master of Arts Degree
Doctoral Minor in Arts Administration

Special Program Requirements

(See also general University Graduate School requirements.)

Admission Requirements
An undergraduate degree in fine arts, music, theatre and drama, business, or economics, with an outstanding academic record strongly recommended. Students who have not completed the prerequisite A200 Foundations of Accounting (nonbusiness majors) can be admitted but must make up these deficiencies. Graduate Record Examination General Test (verbal and quantitative portions) required. Because of course sequencing, only fall enrollment is recommended.

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Master of Arts Degree

Admission Requirements
An undergraduate degree in fine arts, music, theatre and drama, business, or economics, with an outstanding academic record strongly recommended. Students who have not completed the prerequisite Foundations of Accounting (nonbusiness majors) can be admitted but must make up these deficiencies. Graduate Record Examination General Test (verbal and quantitative portions required.) Fall enrollment is recommended.

Course Requirements
The accounting prerequisite should be taken before entering the program. A minimum of 45 credit hours including Arts Administration Y511, Y525, Y530, Y535, Y540, Y550, Y625, Y650 and Y750; Business L575; and SPEA V525, V526 and V558; plus 9 credit hours of electives to be selected in consultation with the program director (see listings below for acceptable courses; other courses may be approved by the program director).

A grade point average of 3.0 (B) or higher must be maintained.

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Doctoral Minor in Arts Administration

Course Requirements
The doctoral minor in arts administration must include a minimum of 21 hours plus prerequisites.

Course Prerequisites
A200 Foundations of Accounting (non-business majors) and M300 Introduction to Marketing (or their equivalents).

General Management
(9 credit hours) HPER R515; Business M511 and one of the following: M512, M530, M540 or M544 or M550; M540 and M544 or M546; W505 and Z519 or SPEA V525.

(3 credit hours) Theatre and Drama T585 or Music U511 or U412 or Arts Administration Y525.

A minimum grade of B is required in each course to be counted toward the arts administration minor

Arts Administration
(9 credit hours) Y550, Y650, Y651.

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Arts Administration

Y500 Topics in Arts Administration American Studies (3-6 cr.) Selected research and discussion topics organized on a semester by semester basis.

Y511 Performing Arts Center Management (3 cr.) Course focuses on the business and legal aspects of managing to presenting live performances at a performing arts facility. The process of contracting and0 marketing a performance series; the marketing forces at work in the live performance industry; the legal and ethical issues involved in the industry.

Y525 Museum Management (3 cr.) P: consent of instructor. Management of art and historical museums. The museum: its legal status, the building, management and staff, goals and objectives, fundraising and budgeting, collections and exhibitions, and education and community outreach.

Y530 Audience Development and Marketing the Arts (3 cr.) Course covers Audience development and marketing strategies for music, dance, opera, theater and galleries. Topics are: How can performing arts agencies attract audiences? Satisfy target audience without compromising artistic integrity? Opportunities for collaboration within the arts business and community. Do business plans work for the arts?

Y535 Public Policy and the Cultural Sector (3 cr.) Overview of the public policy issues involved in managing a nonprofit cultural organization in America and of the relationship of public and private funding of the arts.

Y540 Computer Applications for the Arts (1.5 cr.) Informational technology for the professional administrator. Course looks at IP networks, data storage and retrieval with databases, financial and statistical computational skills, geographic and information systems and communications. Create and deliver presentations with technology. Ethical consideration of technology covered.

Y550 Practicum in Arts Administration (3 cr.) Managerial and administrative experience in three of six arts groups: Musical Arts Center, Department of Theatre and Drama, IU Auditorium, IU Foundation, IU Art Museum, or Mathers Museum.

Y650 Seminar in Arts Administration (3 cr.) P: 9 credit hours of courses in management or consent of instructor. Two-semester seminar involving the promotion of the arts: planning, management, labor relations, fundraising, funding sources, communications, and similar topics in relation to arts centers, museums, and performing organizations. Course includes guest speakers and semester-long consultancies with arts organizations.

Y690 Independent Study in Arts Administration (cr. arr.) P: consent of instructor and department chairperson.

Y750 Internship in Arts Administration (3 cr.) The internship is ordinarily not taken until the student's last semester of course work. A minimum of one semester or its equivalent of field work or internship in a managerial office of a museum, theatrical or musical organization, or community, state, regional, or national arts council.


A403 Introduction to Museum Studies (3 cr.)
A408 Museum Practicum (1-4 cr.)

L575 Legal Aspects of the Arts (3 cr.)
M511 Marketing Performance and Product Analysis (1.5 cr.)
M512 Marketing Strategy (1.5 cr.)
M530 Business Marketing Strategy and Management (1.5 cr.)
M540 Services Marketing (1.5 cr.)
M544 Managing Advertising and Sales Promotion (1.5 cr.)
M550 Customer-Oriented Strategies (3 cr.)
W505 Power, Persuasion, Influence, and Negotiation (1.5 cr.)

E540 Labor Economics: Graduate Survey (3 cr.)

Fine Arts
A442 Twentieth-Century Art, 1900-1924 (4 cr.)
A449 Twentieth-Century Art, 1925-1970 (4 cr.)
A474 Art Theory IV (4 cr.)
A590 Museum Studies (4 cr.)

R515 Fundraising in Public and Nonprofit Agencies (3 cr.)

J542 Arts, Media, and Society (3 cr.)
J552 Seminar: Reporting the Arts (3 cr.)
J560 Topics Colloquium (3 cr.)

M525 Survey of Operatic Literature (3 cr.)
M530 Contemporary Music (3 cr.)
M542 Music History Review for Graduate Students II (3 cr.)
M564 History and Literature of Opera IV (3 cr.)
M656 Twentieth-Century Music (3 cr.)
M688 Twentieth-Century Vocal Literature (3 cr.)
U412 Opera Management (3 cr.)
U511 Performing Arts Center Management (3 cr.)

Religious Studies
R770 Social Ethics (3 cr.)

V525 Management in the Nonprofit Sector (3 cr.)

Theatre and Drama
T573 Studies in Modern and Contemporary Theatre (3 cr.)
T585 Theatre Management (3 cr.)

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