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Career Services for Education Students

Anyone who has earned a degree from Indiana University or who has successfully completed or will complete 24 credit hours from Indiana University may register for placement assistance. Career Services at the School of Education in Bloomington and the Career Center at IUPUI (1) assist registrants in locating teaching, administrative, and special service positions in schools, colleges, and universities, and as appropriate in business, industry, and governmental agencies; (2) assist registrants with the development of an employment credential, and upon request, send that credential to prospective employers and other eligible agencies; (3) provide career counseling and planning services for students and alumni; (4) conduct research concerning supply-and-demand and employment trends, issues, and procedures; (5) assist employers in finding the better qualified candidates for vacant positions in their respective institutions and agencies; and (6) sponsor on-campus recruiting activities for education students.

In Bloomington, there is no fee for the initial registration, for updating the placement file, or for receiving career development services. A nominal fee is charged to cover the cost of duplicating, assembling, and mailing each credential file to a prospective employer. Also, after the first year, a nominal fee is required to activate the placement file to receive vacancy listings, to supply five free credentials, and to arrange for on-campus interviews. The placement year begins on October 1 and ends on September 30.

At IUPUI, there is a nominal fee for the initial registration and for establishing the placement file at the Career Center. A nominal fee is also charged to cover the cost of duplicating, assembling, and mailing each credential file to a prospective employer. Resume writing assistance and access to listings of positions open in area school systems are available through the Career Center web site at: www.iupui.edu/~career

We encourage all registrants to complete their placement file early in the placement year because nearly all employers in the field of education request formal credentials as a part of the employment process. Students are encouraged to initiate their placement file early in the year in which they will become available for employment.

Placement counselors are available to advise students in all aspects of the job search. Also, assistance is provided for resume development and for helping each student organize, plan, and conduct a successful employment campaign.

Both the Bloomington and IUPUI offices carefully follow the mandates of PL93-380, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, passed by Congress in 1975. Therefore, the placement file is transmitted only at the request of the registrant. Registrants normally request files be sent by submitting a written request or by going to the office in person. Registrants may pick up a supply of credential transmittal forms in the office. Normally, telephone requests for credential transmittal will not be accepted.

Campus Interviews
Interviews with educational employers are scheduled for registrants who have active files from either the Indiana University Bloomington or IUPUI campus. In Bloomington, registrants may sign up for interviews in person or by calling (812) 856-8506. Interview times and specific fields of interest as noted by the employer are provided on the weekly vacancy lists; registrants are permitted to interview only in those areas in which they are or will be certified or qualified. Registrants are encouraged to sign up for campus interviews as soon as possible after the interview schedule is announced because most interviewers have limited time to talk to candidates. Each educational interviewer will be provided a copy of the placement file of each registrant being interviewed. Only those individuals who have complete active files will be permitted to participate in on-campus interviews.

Each fall semester, the Office of Career and Employment Services at IUPUI compiles a list of companies and school districts sending representatives to that campus. Scheduled visits from the recruiting representatives of various school systems are also announced at least two weeks in advance in the Sagamore, the all-campus student newspaper, and in the weekly Employment Bulletin. Interested persons should schedule an interview by contacting the Office of Career and Employment Services.

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