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Web site: www.indiana.edu/~educate/ 
Education Graduate Studies Office 
Room 4278 
W. W. Wright Education Building 
201 North Rose Avenue 
Bloomington, IN 47405-1006 
(812) 856-8504    Fax (812) 856-8505 
Email: educate@indiana.edu

IUPUI Web site: education.iupui.edu
Education/Social Work Building (ES) 3137
902 W. New York Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 274-6801

Academic Certificate Programs

Certificate Program in Community Building and Urban Education
Certificate in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Program by Distance Education (EPDE)
Certificate in Instructional Systems Technology (IST)

Certificate Program in Community Building and Urban Education

Program Office: IUPUI, Education/Social Work 2114D, (317) 274-1652.

This program is offered on the Indianapolis campus. The Graduate Certificate Program in Community Building and Urban Education is an interdisciplinary offering provided by faculty representing various schools within IUPUI. It is an inquiry-based, 18 credit hour professional development opportunity designed for the following groups: teachers, counselors, school/program/business administrators, policy makers, youth development and parks/recreational professionals, and professionals in urban planning, criminal justice, community development fields, and health and human service agencies.

The program is a highly interactive and reflective experience where participants are mentored by practitioners from multiple professions. Mentor and peer interactions have been designed to nurture collaborations and enhance understandings about community and urban school issues. The certificate meets the specific needs of those intending to pursue positions beyond the entry level that require additional certification and/or experience and who are interested in mobilizing a community to meet the diverse needs of its youth.

Required Courses
EDUC F505 Interprofessional Collaboration Seminar (3 cr.)
EDUC T550 Cultural/Community Forces and the Schools (3 cr.)
EDUC T531 Organizational Change in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Schools (3 cr.)
EDUC A560 Political Perspectives of Education (3 cr.)
EDUC T590 Independent Study in Urban Multicultural Education (1-3 cr.)

Elective Courses
EDUC J637 Curriculum Development Process (3 cr.)
SPEA P540 Community and Neighborhood Development Planning (3 cr.)
SPEA J550 Mentoring Juveniles as a Form of After-Care (3 cr.)
NURS H544 Community Development and Organization for Health (3 cr.)
SOC S610 Urban Sociology (3 cr.)
ANTH E380 Urban Anthropology (3 cr.)
Other electives may be taken with prior approval from advisor.

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Certificate in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Program by Distance Education (EPDE)

Not accepting students at this time.

This certificate, composed of five classes, is offered by distance education to a select group of students. Up to 15 credits may be earned toward the certificate and, depending on the requirements of the graduate degree, may be used for the degree. The courses will be on an IU transcript, but students do not need to be admitted to a degree program unless a degree is sought. Upon completion of the five courses, participants will receive a letter of recognition from the Language Education Department in the School of Education at Indiana University Bloomington.

Prerequisites: In addition to the online application, students should include a

  1. writing sample (1-2 pages) for submission upon application. The sample should consist of a short paper, saved in a Word document, entitled “Current Challenges for Language Teachers.” It should have 2-3 citations from outside sources.
  2. bachelor’s degree from a U.S. university or the equivalent from an overseas university (B average is required).
  3. TOEFL score of 550 and above (or 213 and above on the computer-based TOEFL) or an equivalent test of English Language Proficiency (International participants).

Please inquire at the Department of Literacy, Culture, and Language Education office for current information: LELLC [at] indiana [dot] edu, (812) 856-8270.

Technical Requirements:

  1. Access to the Internet; basic familiarity with computer functions and programs such as word processing and use of email.
  2. Connection to the internet via modem or other means at a speed equivalent to 56KBs or higher.

Course Requirements

Core (9 cr.)

L540: Current Approaches in Instruction and Assessment in EFL/ENL Classrooms (3 cr.)
L500: Issues in Language Teaching and Learning (3 cr.)
L530: Computer Assisted Language Learning (3 cr.)

Electives (6 cr.)

Courses may be chosen from Language Education (L500+ level) courses from the distance education program, but especially recommended are:
L541: Teaching Writing to Non-Native Speakers of English (3 cr.)
L506: Providing Reading and Academic Support for Postsecondary Learners (3 cr.)
L630: Strategies and Styles in Language Learning (3 cr.)

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Certificate in Instructional Systems Technology (IST)

Program Office: IUB, Education 2276, (812) 856-8450

This program is designed to enhance skills in and knowledge of instructional technology. The program may be used as a springboard to further career goals, to receive additional training in a career, or to prepare for a master’s or Ph.D. program in instructional technology. This certificate program provides a unique opportunity to experience instructional technology at a leading program. Students who complete the program receive a certificate from the School of Education in addition to the course credits on their Indiana University transcript.

Note: The Certificate in Instructional Systems Technology is not a state teaching license nor an endorsement on a teaching license. The master’s program requires a separate application; completion of the certificate program does not guarantee admission.

A student must complete five courses (15 credit hours) to fulfill the requirements of the IST certificate program, including four required courses and one elective course.

Required Courses for the Certificate Program

R511 Instructional Technology Foundations (3 cr.)
R521 Instructional Design and Development (3 cr.)
R561 Evaluation and Change in the Instructional Development Process (3 cr.)

And one of the following production courses (based on prior production experience):
R541 Instructional Development and Production Process I (3 cr.) (prerequisite: R521)
R547 Computer-Mediated Learning (3 cr.) (prerequisite: R541 or equivalent experience)

Elective Courses for the Certificate Program

Students must complete one elective from the following list:
R519 Effective Writing for Instructional Technology (3 cr.)
R547 Computer-Mediated Learning (3 cr.) (prerequisite: R541 or equivalent experience)
R626 Instructional Strategies and Tactics (prerequisite : R521)

Admission Requirements

  • Online application
  • Undergraduate degree from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (official transcript required)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Goal statement
  • TOEFL for international or non-native English speakers: minimum 600 for paper test, 250 for computer test
The GRE is not required.

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