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Several forms of financial assistance are available to graduate students at Indiana University. These include teaching, research and graduate assistantships, fellowships, fee scholarships, hourly positions, and private and/or federal loans. Financial support is not guaranteed with admission to a graduate program, but the School of Education has an excellent record of supporting graduate students. Preference is given to doctoral students over master's students in the awarding of assistantships, fee scholarships, and fellowships.  Some international students receive financial support as well but typically are competitive recruitment awards where students are selected by their graduate admissions committee.

A student must be admitted to a graduate program in order to be eligible for fellowships or graduate assistantships. Students with fellowships and graduate appointments must make adequate progress toward their degree each semester, or financial support may be discontinued. Some fellowships, assistantship appointments, and loans require that students enroll in 8 or more credit hours per semester and receive no incomplete grades (except for an R grade in dissertation or internship courses).

Stipends earned by graduate assistants are taxable. Monies received in the form of fellowships and fee scholarships may be taxable. Students must check with the Internal Revenue Service.

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