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NON-PROGRAM/Special Student Status

On the Bloomington campus, applications for special student status may be made by contacting the distance education registrar,; Wright Education 2206, (812) 856-8548. In Indianapolis, application for special student status may be made in Education/Social Work 3131, (317) 274-6868.  See also Enrollment in Classes: Distance Education

Special student status is awarded to persons wishing to take a limited number of credit hours for personal or professional development.  This includes those wishing to take courses for personal enjoyment, those seeking to renew a teaching license, and visiting graduate students from other universities. Students who seek admission to a graduate degree program or a graduate licensure program are not eligible for special student status. Special student status is granted for 15 credit hours or one year, whichever comes first. This status is renewable through reapplication.

Credit hours earned during special student status may or may not be counted in graduate programs. The department chair or program head and the associate dean of graduate studies must approve the inclusion of courses taken during special student status in degree and licensure programs. Such approval may be granted only after the student has been admitted to a graduate program. The maximum number of credit hours earned during special student status that may be used in a degree program is 15.

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