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Application Deadlines for International Students

International applicants must submit their application to the Office of International Admissions, 300 N. Jordan Ave., Bloomoington, IN 47405, as described in the "Application Procedures section.  For important application information, international applicants should visit the International Admissions website at Applicants are advised to submit all application materials well in advance of the final deadlines. All applications for Ph.D. programs for summer or fall admission must be received by the Office of International Admissions by December 1. However, Counseling Psychology Ph.D., School Psychology Ph.D., and Learning and Developmental Sciences applicants should send all materials to the Office of International Admissions by November 1. The application deadline for fall admission to all other graduate degree programs is March 1, except for Learning and Developmental Sciences and Higher Education and Student Affairs, which have a December 1 deadline. Applications for spring admission must be received by September 1.

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