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Domestic Students
Application Deadlines for Domestic Students

For doctoral applications (Ed.D. and Ph.D.), the application deadline for fall matriculation is January 15, except for Counseling Psychology, Inquiry Methodology, School Psychology, and Learning and Developmental Sciences for which the deadline is December 1. To insure full consideration for financial support and because some programs limit the numbers of students they accept each year, early application is strongly recommended.

Applications submitted by January 15 will automatically be considered for university, School of Education, and departmental fellowships, assistantships, and fee scholarships. (See the section titled "Financial Support.") Most fellowships, fee scholarships, and assistantships are awarded immediately after this date. Late applications will be considered in some programs until June 1, but only when space is available, and with greatly reduced opportunity for financial support. For spring matriculation to doctoral programs (not including Higher Education, Counseling Psychology, and School Psychology), the deadline for applications is November 1.

The summer admission deadline is March 1, except for Counseling, Learning, and Developmental Sciences and School Psychology, which do not admit students for summer semesters.

Applications to Master's and Education Specialist (Ed.S.) programs should be submitted by March 1 for fall matriculation, except for the MS in Higher Education and Student Affairs and for the Ed.S. in School Psychology, for which the deadline is December 1. Late applications will be considered in some programs until June 1, but only when space is available. For spring matriculation, November 1 is the deadline for all master's and Ed.S. programs (except for School Psychology and Higher Education and Student Affairs, which do not have spring admissions). For summer matriculation, March 1 is the deadline (see exceptions on chart). It should be noted that most fellowships, assistantships, and fee scholarships are awarded to doctoral students only.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the chairperson of the department to which they are applying for the latest information regarding financial assistance.

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