Allied Dental Programs

Dental Hygiene

Bachelor of Science Student Learning Outcomes

The program’s objectives are designed to provide students with the education and skills to:

  1. perform dental hygiene services in a variety of settings (e.g., private dental practice, public health clinics, school systems, institutions, and hospitals);
  2. design, implement, and evaluate effective preventive dental health programs for individuals and for groups in such settings as schools, hospitals, institutions, and community programs;
  3. serve as a resource person and work in cooperation with other health personnel in assessing health care needs and providing health care services to the public;
  4. plan, implement, and evaluate effective teaching methodologies in an educational setting;
  5. supervise the teaching of dental hygiene services in a clinical/public health setting;
  6. prepare for admission to graduate programs; and
  7. continue their professional education and personal growth.

Academic Bulletins

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