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Dental Hygiene

Associate of Science Curriculum

Pre-Dental Hygiene Course Work

Full details about pre-dental hygiene courses, including required college courses, in preparation for the two-year Associate of Science degree program on the Indianapolis campus are posted on the School of Dentistry's Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene Admissions Critieria web site.

Dental Hygiene Program, Year 1
First Semester       
  • H204 Periodontics       
  • H206 General Pathology I       
  • H211 Head and Neck Anatomy
  • H214 Oral Anatomy       
  • H216 Chemistry and Nutrition       
  • H218 Fundamentals of Dental Hygiene           
  • H303 Radiology       
Second Semester       
  • H205 Medical and Dental Emergencies      
  • H207 General Pathology II      
  • H215 Pharmacology and Therapeutics      
  • H217 Preventive Dentistry 
  • H219 Clinical Practice I   
  • H308 Dental Materials      
  • H321 Peridontics    
Summer Session   
  • H221 Clinical Dental Hygiene Procedures      
  • H250 Local Anesthesia and Pain Control
  • H252 Introduction to Evidence-Based Dental Hygiene Care      
  • H305 Radiology Clinic I
Dental Hygiene Program, Year 2
First Semester       
  • H301 Clinical Practice II       
  • H304 Oral Pathology       
  • H306 Radiology Clinic II       
  • H311 Dental Health Education       
  • H347 Community Dental Health (introduction)       
  • E351 Advanced Dental Materials for Dental Auxiliaries       
Second Semester       
  • H302 Clinical Practice III      
  • H307 Radiology Clinic III      
  • H344 Senior Hygiene Seminar      
  • H347 Community Dental Health (practicum)
  • PSY-B 305 Statistics* or STAT 30100 Elementary Statistical Methods I**

  *See course listing at IUPUI Department of Psychology
**See course listing at IUPUI Department of Mathematical Sciences

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