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Preventive Dentistry Track Core Curriculum

(The Preventive Dentistry Track core curriculum has a minimum of 51 course credits, composed of 39 required and 12 minor credits.) For descriptions of courses that do not appear on the list of graduate courses in this bulletin, contact the appropriate department or school  or check courses at the Registrar's Web site

Required Courses (39 credits minimum)

  • G959 Oral Microbiology (3 cr.)
  • G974 Advanced Nutrition (2 cr.)
  • R909 Advanced Preventive Dentistry I (3 cr.)
  • R910 Advanced Preventive Dentistry II (3 cr.)
  • R911 Advanced Preventive Dentistry III (1-2 cr.)
Courses from the following list can be used to complete the total hours required for the major subject:
  • C607 General Pathology (5 cr.)
  • G900 Advanced Oral Histology and Embryology (2 cr.)
  • G905 Bone Physiology, Imaging, and Implant Anchorage (2 cr.)
  • G911 Dental Materials Science and Engineering (3 cr.)
  • G965 Histophysiology and Pathology of the Periodontium (4 cr.)
  • G967 Advanced Periodontics (4 cr.)
  • G973 Vitamins, Mineral Metabolism, and Hormones (2 cr.)

General Graduate (13 credits)

  • GRAD G504 Introduction to Research Ethics (2 cr.)
  • GRAD G651 Introduction to Biostatistics I (3 cr.)
  • GRAD G652 Introduction to Biostatistics II (3 cr.)
  • GRAD G655 Research Communications Seminar (2 cr.; taken in spring of second year)
  • EDUC J500 Instruction in the Context of Curriculum (3 cr.) or PSY 608 Measurement Theory and Data Interpretation (3 cr.) or EDUC R503 Instructional Media Applications (3 cr.); taken in first year; or other teaching method course recommended by the program director

Dental/Oral Biology (10-15 credits)

  • G910 Seminar: Preventive Dentistry or
  • R959 Seminar: Oral Biology (one semester each year, 1 cr. each)
  • R956 Current Topics in Oral Biology (2 semesters, 4 cr. each)

Required Dental Sciences Courses for Non–Dental Preventive Dentistry Track Applicants
Applicants without a dental degree may apply for the Preventive Dentistry Track but are required to take the following courses in the first two years of their program:

  • G935 Dental Pediatrics (2 cr.)
  • G981 Principles of Restorative Dentistry (3 cr.)

Research (remainder of 90 credits)

  • G930 Research: Preventive Dentistry (1-12 cr. each semester)
  • R957 Introduction to Research in Oral Biology (3 cr.; taken once)

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