Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) Program

Tuition and Fees

Tuition fees are paid at the time of registration and are subject to change by action of the Trustees of Indiana University.

Tuition for 2011-2012 Academic Year

Indiana Resident
(Per Year)
(Per Year)
Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree Program 1 $28,880.00 $60,450.00
IU Admission Application 2
50.00 50.00
Summer Session (includes $139.90 IUPUI General Fee)

Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree Program

—First Year 745.90 1,964.10
—Second Year 897.40 2,420.15
—Third Year 1,048.90 2,876.20
—Fourth Year 3

Textbook, Instrument, and Ancillary Fees 4

First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
Dental Students

Textbooks 1,769.00 2,595.00 745.00
Instrument Purchase and Rental 9,458.00 9,686.00 3,603.00 2,750.00
Health Insurance 2,800.00 2,800.00 2,800.00 2,800.00

IUPUI General Fee
IUPUI R&R (Building) Fee

National Board Application 390.00

1 Advance payment of $1,000.00 is required after a student has been accepted. This advance payment is nonrefundable, but it is applicable toward tuition fees.
2 All students applying for admission to the School of Dentistry are required to pay this fee. The fee is paid only once, is nonrefundable, and is not applied to other fees. The foreign admission application fee is $60.00 (U.S. dollars in check or money order).
3 Fourth-year dental students who have not completed their graduation requirements by graduation day but wish to continue in the program are required to enroll in 12 credit hours at the current tuition rate for that year.
4 These are approximate figures and are subject to change. Students with cars will also be assessed a parking fee, and health insurance coverage is an additional fee for students who are not already covered under their own policy. Other potential fees (graduation photos, board exam applications, etc.) are contingent upon the individual plans of each student.

Academic Bulletins

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